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  • AC system for 8-10m EV bus
  • Use for 8-10m EV bus
  • Use Vaqoung Scroll Compressor

This Rooftop Mounted All-electric inverter Air Conditioner is applicable for Electric bus, Tramway, Trolleybus. The power source is in the range of DC350-850V and controller power is 24V, 16-22KW cooling capacity and 10-16KW heating capacity ensured a pleasant climate in 8-10m vehicle.



- Streamline compact and slim design to ensure a small size and light weight.

- Dual-redundancy system design enhanced the system reliability

- Thermal pipeline system for heat dissipation to reduce temperature and humidity in electric house, the lifetime of electrical components has been increased.

- The control panel integrated operation and control, the internal transmission instead of external transmission to reduce failure rate.

- The upwind type design, air conditioning system can get better performance in driving.

- Use environment friendly refrigerant R407c, the air conditioning system without pipeline in vehicle body, refrigerant filling in installation is not require.

- Cooling and PTC assist heating duplex option.

- Air conditioning system has strict safe protective measures like high/low pressure protection, temp protection, motor protection, over current protection, insulation protection etc.



Cooling capacity


Heating capacity


Suitable vehicle

8-10m Electric bus, Tramway, Trolleybus

Net weight


Power source



L 2550 * W 1746 * H210mm

Air outlet


Return air inlet



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