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  • Air conditioning system for EV car
  • Used in Youxia racing car
  • Use Vaqoung DC scroll compressor

This EV Air Conditioning system is specialize to EV van, EV truck, military vehicle, EV family car and sports car etc.



The overall type and split-type are both available, it can be installed in driver's cab or other place according to your car design. 

Use environment friendly refrigerant HFC-134a.

The condenser and evaporator integrated system's components, compact design and easy to install.

Use Vaqoung’s self-owned low noise, low tremble, aluminum housing scroll compressor, suit for varies of high voltage direct drive EVs.

The controller integrated with scroll compressor, CAN communication and PWM speed governing can be achieved.

Light weight design for main components

Multiple sealing design use in pipe connecting parts, no leakage of refrigerant.

Cooling only or Cooling+PTC heating available.



The solution of air conditioning system can be changed according to your car/truck/van's design, in order to match all your request of parameter and structure. Our R&D center will work with you to solve the problems like matching of high voltage platform and low voltage platform, fuel driven system change to electric driven system and so on.

Please feel free to contact our R&D team for more information.

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